The Will of the Soul or the 5-senses of the Flesh Who’s making the choices?

The Will of the Soul or the 5-senses of the Flesh

Who’s making the choices?

  • The human Will is so powerful that God Himself does not control it, nor will He control it.
  • There is nothing on the earth that is as powerful as the “human Will” of the spirit man.
  • The nature of the Will implies “self-control”. God gave us the “power” (the ability to do) of Will.
  • Your Will determines your destiny.
  • The human Will is God’s agency plan for God’s Kingdom to be administrated in the earth realm.
  • In other words, God intended to use the Will of man to fulfill it with His Will to operate Kingdom in earth as well as in Heaven.
  • The problem with the Will of man is that it belongs to the spirit man.
  • The human Will can be and or is the most dangerous gift God gave to the spirit man.
  • The human Will can be and is the most precious gift God ever gave to the spirit man, because God gave us the same power that He possesses – the power of His Will.
  • What makes the human Will dangerous? It is dangerous because of its “ability to choose against God”. Now this is dangerous!
  • Satan even knows how dangerous this is! Mankind does not know or understand the power of their Will against God.
  • Some of the dangerous ways are through doubt, unbelief, and rebellion.
  • Not to mention the works of the flesh that comes against the Soul and Spirit of man.
  • The power of the Will give us the power to choose, even against the one that gave us the Will.

The Soul….

  • The Soul of the spirit man is where the Will is located.
  • The Soul is the natural life of the Body. It is the immaterial, visible part of the spirit man.
  • The Will is not located in the 5-senses.
  • The Soul is made up of 3 parts: the mind, the Will, and emotions.
  • The mind is defined as the heart. We have two minds: conscious and subconscious minds.
  • The Will controls your destiny.
  • Emotion is the power of feeling, with or without a corresponding trend of activities; any strong manifestation or disturbance of the conscious or the unconscious mind, typically involuntary and often leading to complex bodily changes and forms of behavior.
  • The seat of the Will is where the conscious and subconscious minds are located.
  • The Will lives in the heart.
  • The heart is the subconscious mind. The heart is the seat of control for our life.
  • The conscious mind feed the subconscious mind! The more the conscious mind hears repetitious information; it feeds or downloads it into the subconscious mind.
  • We are safe as long as thoughts are in the conscious mind, because we can forget what is in the conscious mind; but the key to getting information in the subconscious mind (the heart) is through repetitious repeats. For example reading porn, watching porn gets porn in the heart, along with other bodily sins.
  • The mind is the center of thought and it holds the key to your life.

The 5-senses of the Flesh (Body)….

  • The 5-senses are: see, smell, and taste, touch, and hear.
  • Theses senses operate in the body of man, aka: that “sin suit” that we all are born in.
  • The body gets information from what it sees, smells, and taste, touch and hears.
  • The body transmits to the soul.
  • The soul transmits to the spirit, and the spirit has to deal with the unrighteousness that the body has transmitted to the soul.
  • Your spirit can’t give to the body what your soul did not receive!
  • Your soul is in a “mental battle” when the body don’t do what the Spirit tells it to do. Your soul is in “torment, turmoil”.
  • The soul feeds the spirit, but also fees the body through the soul.

Faith comes by hearing! Hearing comes through the body. The body hears something, your soul takes it, choose to believe it or reject it, then give it to your spirit.

We must be careful as to what we allow our 5-senses to indulge in.

When the body loves its sinful works from such things as drugs, alcohol, porn, lying, abuse, committing adultery, jealousy, cursing profanely, partying, etc. These things are all about taste, seeing, touching, and smelling. All, which are a part of the 5-senses!

Your soul begins to emotionally enjoy these things that your body indulges in, but the spirit rejects it. If you repeat these sinful acts it will be downloaded in your heart, then when you want to quit drugs, alcohol, porn, lying, compromising, etc., it is now downloaded in your subconscious mind (heart).

So when you get saved, or as you’re being saved you continue to get saved over and over and over again, but never get your heart cleansed or your conscience cleansed from these habits, addictions, and practices that are still lodged in your heart because the Word of God is not being heard to transform you into being a new creature.

This is why people have been saved for years and years with no change in their heart (mind) with their conscience being “seared” (Hebrews 10:1-3) with the remembrance of the body’s sinful ways and acts.

Without spiritual cleansing the sacrifices of the flesh are not effective to take away sins because once you are purged through the Word of God you should no longer have a conscience of sins or indulge with sin. This is why salvation is hard for some and many of others!

Flesh stays in control! The soul stays in a mental battle of distress mode! The spirit has nothing to neither lean on nor turn to, because the Word of God is not heard!

In Closing

Except your soul is converted and returned back to his Creator, your 5-senses will always try to reign over your Soul and Spirit?

The soul is the most important part of the trinity of man.

The body can only operate in the “works of the flesh” Galatians 5:19-21. Your body will never ever be saved.

The devil or Satan knows that we hold the “key” to his battle with God. The key is your soul!

Satan is not after your body! But will use it through your 5-senses to come against the Will of God and the Will of God toward His people.

The Will of your Soul carries the healing power from within for the body to stay healed and be utilized as a transporter for the Spirit of God, His Word, and His Will in earth.

Your body will never obey the Will of God! Your body and its senses will never do the Will of God.

Your subconscious mind is your heart. You are whatever is in your heart (subconscious mind).

Whoever or whatever is controlling your heart controls your life.

Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

Some of us are still trying to perform the same habits we practiced in the body as a new creature. These habits have been downloaded in your heart and must be cleaned out of your heart through the Word of God.

Being born again! We are Being cleaned through and through with the Word of God to be filled with the Holy Ghost. This is the consistent process of our being in salvation!

Being is the quality or state of having existence.

We are “being” born again in Christ Jesus to be like Christ Jesus to become a Son of God. As long as we have existence in this earth realm with breathe still remaining in us we are being born again.

Apostle Tracey Robinson

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