Teaching Package

Serving God

What god are you serving?

Apostle Tracey Robinson

  • The Word of God is God.
  • To study the Word of God is to know who God is.
  • To know if you are serving God in spirit and in truth is to know Him in His Word.

St John 1:1-2 1 IN the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God.

Means and the Ends

  • When we sing and it is more important to you than to the one you’re singing to, then your entire worship experience is aborted.
  • This is what we mean by the “means and ends”.
  • The “song is the means” and “God is the end”.

The Process and the Purpose

  • The process of singing should take us to “purpose”, but never become the purpose itself.
  • Many of us are worshippers of the “process” and the process has become the “purpose”.
  • Because we really know so little about the Spirit of God through His Word in Spirit and in Truth, it is hard to identify with Him and His Will any other way than just a “formatted process” with that process becoming our purpose for worship.
  • Here is an example of the “process becoming your purpose”. “I’ve already paid my tithes” “I’m not going to the House of Prayer today, because I don’t “feel” like going today” “I went to church for the past 3 months straight already” “I need a break”.
  • These ideals are what we think and consider as the purpose, that which we have already done.
  • This process is the purpose whether the presence of God was there or not; or whether I could sense His presence; or if I got a touch from Him today; etc.
  • What is important is that we go through or have gone through this process? Whatever the process is, whether it is: praise and worship; shouting; giving testimonies; taking up offering; making announcements; singing a few songs; then preach the Word?
  • We are happy that we sat through this for how long it takes, whether God the purpose showed up or not.
  • We have become so formatted with the process that it doesn’t matter whether God shows up or not. It does not matter whether I get my deliverance I so desperately need or not. “I’m just enduring the process!”
  • So the process becomes the purpose for my coming on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s.
  • When the process has become more important than the purpose then the spirit of Idolatry has been created and is on board.
  • You can never satisfy the purpose through the process, without the Spirit of the purpose.
  • There is no way to get in God or pass God without God!
  • The process has a purpose! The purpose has to be in you to conduct the process in spirit and in truth.
  • So you say you’re serving God, what god?

The spirit of Idolatry

  • Idolatry is anything made more worthy than God in your heart.

Isaiah 44:9-10 9 They that make a graven image are all of them vanity; and their delectable things shall not profit; and they are their own witnesses; they see not, nor know; that they may be ashamed. 10 Who hath formed a god, or molten a graven image that is profitable for nothing?

  • God is saying the things that we make idols are nothing, and the things we treasure are worthless.
  • Anything that we believe is more valuable than God is an idol, and is worthless!
  • The source of idolatry is….

When we put more worth on the “means” than on the “ends”; then the “means” become and “idol”?

Whatever you put more “worship” on it becomes the idol?

Whether it is a dance, singing, time, your husband, wife, children, cars, your jobs, money, homes, your looks, etc.!

When you become so occupied with how well you do, your gifts, your talents; but never give it to God it is an idol.

  • Any other worship other than God is idolatry!

1 John 5:21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

Worshipping God

  • God detests idolatry.
  • God must be the ends.
  • God must be the purpose.
  • Spiritual worship is required in you in order for God to become the ends and the purpose in you.
  • The devil really is having a “hay day” because most believers don’t even have the power to give God “authentic authority” to come into the earth realm through them because of the process and purpose, the means and the ends are wrong, mixed up, or confused.
  • Authentic means being of undisputed origin; genuine.
  • Authority meaning the power or rights to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.

St John 3:23-24 23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. 24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

  • The Father is seeking such to worship Him.
  • The scripture says that the Father seeks such to worship Him, meaning worship is not anything we can do or orchestrate, but the Father must seek, find, and initiate worship for Himself in you.
  • To worship God we must worship Him in spirit and in truth that is in our spirit in sincerity and in truth.
  • The word “worth” is the root word to the same as “worship”.
  • Worship is determined by worth”.
  • You can never worship what does not have worth to you. So anything that becomes more worthy than it’s worth has become or is an idol.
  • Worship means to make obeisance (deferential respect); do reverence to, towards, and to kiss to God

1 Corinthians 14:25 And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth.

  • Worship means to revere (deep respect or admiration for), stressing the feeling of awe or devotion to God.
  • Worshipping God is nowhere defined as in “how to worship God” in the Scriptures.
  • Worship is initiated from the Spirit of God into the depths of the spirit man.
  • This is me talking, I do believe whole heartedly that worship is stimulated by praise; and praise will usher you into the Presence of the Lord for Him to decide whether He desires worship from your spirit.


  • Praise is not only just a physical demonstration of God’s worth to us animated, but is also spiritual!
  • Praise is represented as a sacrificial offering of yourself to the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.
  • Praise denotes God’s approval, His commendation used on account of, by reason of, or of whom as His heritage.
  • Praise represents God’s own possession of the Church, in reference to the glory of His grace towards us. Ephesians 1:6 To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He hath made us accepted in the beloved.
  • Praise ascribes (to attribute something to a cause) to God in respect of His glory; His character; and His operations. Ephesians 1:12 That we should be to the praise of His glory, who first trusted in Christ.
  • Praise will be exactly in accordance with each person’s actions; as in the issue of present trials at the revelation of Jesus The Christ in the midst of your test, trials, tribulations, sufferings, and sacrifices.

1 Peter 1:7 That the trial of your faith being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ


  • God is worthy of worship because of His worth! His worth is immeasurable to the spirit man.
  • So when we sing and make it more about the song, and your voice; then who the song is to and about is idolatry.
  • So when we pray and get so preoccupied over the words of your prayer, the length of your prayers, than to who we are praying to, God, ignores the prayer, because the object or activity of the prayer has become more important than the subject or goal of the prayer.
  • The spirit of idolatry is always around trying to creep in so you must keep yourselves; keep monitoring not what you’re doing but who you’re doing it too.
  • The way we show God and tell God that we hate Him is by putting worth on anything else that we consider is more worthy than Him.

Exodus 20:3-6

3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

Deuteronomy 6:5-6

5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

6 And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart.

  • Don’t let anything come between you and God!
  • It is dangerous and will be detrimental to you and even to your children’s children.

Amen, this is the Word of the Lord for this House!

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