Is everything a spirt? Does everything carry a spirit? Do your words manifest spirits?

Apostle Tracey Robinson 2022 All Rights Reserved

St John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.
St Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

• Spirits are real!
• Any word(s) is a spirit.
• Anybody’s word(s) are spirit and carry a spirit, but the Word of God is life!
• Words carry the power to create and manifest reality.

• Jesus healed the centurion’s servant from the centurion’s request for Jesus to just speak the word only (St Matthew 8:8).
• Please note here in verse 10 that it was the centurion’s faith in Christ spiritually perceived, believing that Christ can heal his servant by just speaking the Word only.
• Jesus went on to testify on the centurion’s behalf about the greatness of his faith as a believer.
• So don’t think, stop thinking that you, we, me, I, and you can manifest anything into existence by speaking by faith for it when your motive is not God’s intent or Will; or you are just asking and believing in amiss (not quite right, inappropriate, or out of place) for your pleasure and not God’s.
• In other words stop telling believers that they can have or get anything they desire by faith when in fact faith operates through Christ when you’re in Christ according to the Will of God and not your Will.

• God spoke the worlds, the universe, and the creation of man into being by a substance called faith through the power of His Words.
• His spoken words by faith framed, fashioned, put in order, and equipped what was spoken for their (its) intended purposes.
• God did the exact same with you and I when He spoke us into existence in our generation and time and placed us in our mother’s womb; to be later on sealed with His seal of promise.

Hebrews 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. (Genesis 1; 2:1-3)

• You must have the ability to believe this by faith, this is God’s Word(s) that done this.
• Words do more than convey (transport or carry to a place) information.
• Words have an impact on people (humans).
• Words spoken can burden one’s spirit; stir up hatred and violence; wound and inflict; build up and tear down; and give life.
• Words can change the world, crucify the flesh, and keep the devil in his place of subjection through the spoken Words of God, the Gospel.

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

• Your tongue carries incredible power! That is the power to create or the power to destroy.
• The tongue gets sharpened from its use.
• The tongue only speaks what’s in your heart.
• The words we speak can never be replaced once they have gone out of the mouth!
• Words reveal the sinful nature of the heart.
• The way we speak words reveals our character even through the systems of education designed by man.

Ephesians 4:29 KJV Amplified Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk (ever) come out of your mouth, but only such (speech) as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God’s favor) to those who hear it.

• Does this mean that I don’t tell you the truth? Or do I “sugar-coat” truth and “water it down” for your consumption? Does telling part truth or half-truth give God’s favor to the hearer?
• Truth is only good and beneficial to/for the spirit Man in you; but bitter to the outward Man.

Proverbs 25:18 Telling lies about others is as harmful as hitting them with an ax, wounding them with a sword, or shooting them with a sharp arrow.
Proverbs 12:6 The words of the wicked are to lie in wait for blood: but the mouth of the upright shall deliver them.
James 3:5-8 KJV Amplified 5 Even so the tongue is a little member, and it can boast of great things. See how much wood or how great a forest a tiny spark can set ablaze! 6 And the tongue is a fire. (The tongue is a) world of wickedness set among our members, contaminating and depraving the whole body and setting on fire the wheel of birth (the cycle of man’s nature), being itself ignited by hell (Gehenna). 7 For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea animal, can be tamed and has been tamed by human genius (nature) 8 But the human tongue can be tamed by no man. It is a restless (undisciplined, irreconcilable) evil, full of deadly poison.

• James goes on to say that with the tongue we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse men who were made in God’s image (likeness); out of the same mouth we bless and curse and this ought not be.(verses 9 and 10).
• Even the 10 Commandments speak about the sins committed with the tongue by using the Lord’s name in vain, and bearing false witness against someone (being a liar). (Exodus 20:7, 16)
• The Word(s) of God warns us about the dangers of using our tongue rashly to commit sins of the tongue.

• What are we using our words for? Are our words filled with hate or love; bitterness or blessings; compliments or complaints; lust or love; victory or defeat?
• Words are a gift from God to humans.
• Words are tools that can make better or be misused.
• Jesus said that we all will have to give an account of what we say before the Lord.

St Matthew 12:36-37 36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thou words thou shalt be condemned.

• Idle here means inoperative, nonworking; lazy; without purpose or effect; pointless.
• These idle words are spoken from our hearts because “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. (St Matthew 12:34).
• The words of a born again new creature should have a change in speech because living in Christ will make the difference in one’s choice of words.
• As a new creature you must change, accept change, and speak change.
• Your terminology of words and word usage must change from all you know and do in order to speak what you know and do for Christ.
• The words of the sinner is “full of cursing and bitterness” (Romans 3:14).
• Let the power of your words be used by God to manifest the power of your faith, by being prepared to give the reason why you love the Lord at any time and to anyone.
• Our words should demonstrate the power of God’s Grace and the indwelling of His Holy Spirit in our life.

1 Peter 3:15 KJV Amplified But in your hearts set Christ apart as holy (and acknowledge Him) as Lord. Always be ready to give a logical defense to anyone who asks you to account for the hope that is in you, but do it courteously and respectfully.

• In other words tell them of this hope but you don’t have to beat them down with the truth that Hell will be there home if they disobey the whole Gospel, just simply tell that smart person what the Word says and let their comprehension (understanding) of the Word say it to them.
• Our words should be used as an instrument of God’s love and His saving Grace.


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Next week as the Lord Wills we will teach on how spiritual warfare is created by the words we feel in the flesh, but are combatted with the Word of God only and not our words.
How your battles are won by the words you speak from the knowledge you have in Christ?

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